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Tayga Good Food's Olive Oil

From where?

South Aegean region of Turkey, selected from village groves in the secluded highlands east of Izmir

From which variety?

Our region’s cherished Memecik olives, renowned for rich fruitiness and high polyphenol content

How is it produced?

Cold extracted in 2-phase continuous system to maintain the fruit’s aroma and healthy components

How is it preserved?

In chrome-steel tanks under inert gas insulated from air, light and heat then bottled to order

Spirited by the forest

Products of the 2019-2020 harvest


Yeşil Hasat (Green Harvest) EVOO: Memecik variety, harvested at green stage, acidity 0.19%. A balanced EVOO with medium-robust green fruitiness.

 Alaca Hasat (Mid- Harvest) EVOO: Memecik variety with wild olives, harvested when olives green and purple, acidity 0.30%, biophenol count from 321 to 375 mg/kg. A balanced EVOO with medium bitterness, medium-robust pungency and aromas of thyme, banana leave and green almond.

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